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Cy-Pres Financial Literacy Grant Program News

Due to school closures stemming from the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Cy-Pres Financial Literacy Grant Program, which was originally slated to end on March 31, has been extended to November 30, 2020.  Previously approved-but-not-yet-completed events can be rescheduled for late summer or fall as needed.  Opportunities still exist for new applications in all areas except for the Student Webcast competition and the Section Directors' financial literaccy option.  Interested advisers should apply soon:  Updated information is posted here:

Congratulations are in order!   The student team of Gean, Kylie, and Calvin from Los Osos HS in Rancho Cucamonga won the student Financial Literacy Webcast competition and the team will soon receive its $1,000 cash prize.  The winning webcast will be used next year as a CA FBLA resource for middle school chapters to learn more about financial literacy.