California FBLA's Six Sections

  • Since California FBLA is so large--both in geography and membership--six sections have been set up so that students have leadership and competitive opportunities nearer to home in addition to opportunities available at the state and national levels.  Currently, the six sections are:

    Bay Section
    Central Section
    Gold Coast Section
    Inland Section
    Northern Section
    Southern Section

    Each section is managed by a Section Director and is led by a student section officer team that is elected every spring at the section's annual Section Leadership Conference.  The section president from each section serves as a vice president on the California state leadership team.  All section and state officers participate in the Leadership Summit each summer in order to learn and hone their leadership skills and plan for the coming year.  Click SECTIONS and then a specific section name to learn more about that section's officers and programs for the year.  Click ABOUT, CONTACTS, and then SECTION STUDENT OFFICER TEAMS for contact information for your section.

Section meeting