• 2018-2019 Inland Section Leadership Team

    President: Muskaan Abdulsattar, Centennial H.S. 
    Vice President of Communications: Jasmine Bae, Centennial H.S.
    Secretary: Joshua Zhang, Los Osos H.S.
    Historian: Sai Gorijavolu, Eleanor Roosevelt H.S.
    Leadership Associate: Arti Patel, Centennial H.S. (N.V.)
    California State President: Amber Azali, Centennial H.S. (N.V.)
    Inland Section Director:  Mr. Lee Lara, Centennial H.S.
    Vice President of Programs: Vacant

    (N.V.) = Non Voting Officer


    Join us at the 2019 Inland Section Leadership Conference
    Saturday, February 9, 2019
    At Los Osos High School
    ♦ Compete ♦ Network ♦ Attend Workshops ♦ Have Fun ♦
    Download the TENTATIVE 2019 ISLC Schedule

    Registration Fees 
    Today through Janaury 13th - 9:00 pm PST = $33
    January 13th - 9:01 PST through January 18th - 9:00 PST = $38
    Last day to cancel an ISLC registration is January 18th - 9:00 PST
    Last day to register as a paid member in the national FBLA system in order to be eligible to participate at ISLC is January 18th - 9:00 PST

    The Inland Public Relations Project FBLA SPEAKS UP and INLAND HONORS SOCIETY PROJECT
    click on title of project to download

    No activities from previous FBLA calendar years or projects can be used on this year's projects. 

    ADVISERS, submit your members projects from all your students in ONE PDF or WORD file
    Include a list of all participating members. Files submitted by students will not be scored.

    Advisers email project to:
    For FBLA Speaks Up email    inlandpublicrelations@cafbla.org   by January 29th
    For Inland Honors Society email   inlandhonors@cafbla.org     by March 8th



    Download the Current Edition of the Inland Insider from the NEWSLETTERS folder at left