National Leadership "Online" Experience
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CA FBLA and the 2020 National Leadership "Online" Experience (NLE)

  • The FBLA National Center has announced a virtual version of the National Leadership Conference--the 2020 FBLA National Leadership Online Experience (NLE).  They have also announced that competitions will be held virtually.  Information on participant registration appears at right.  For up-to-date information about the NLE from the National Center, follow the NLE Web Site.  For Caliornia updates, follow this page.
    Please note that, as in past years, the local chapter adviser will be able to register members for the leadership conference event (and students, with parent assistance, will be able to register by phone, see instructions at right), and, in either case, the state chapter will register members for any competitive events--with registration for the leadership event being a requirement for successful registration for the competitive event. 
    Also, as in past years, a student may not compete in an event that they have competed in previously at an NLC AND they will also not be able to repeat the event competed in for this year's NLE at a future NLC.  Therefore, student participation in specific competitive events should be considered carefully this year.
    Additionally, advisers should first consult with site administration and local school districts to determine if it is appropriate for their students to participate via registration made by the adviser/district since the National Center acknowledges that the ability of all students to compete in a virtual event may not be equitable. The decision to participate in the NLE via adviser/district registration shall be determined at the local level.
    That being said:
    California FBLA is in favor of processing competitive event registration for eligible members (paid FBLA members by April 1, 2020) for one Online Objective Testing Event ONLY.  CA FBLA will not support member participation in any event that requires pre-judging qualification to participate at the NLE (so, no team events, no case study events, no projects, no pre-judged events, no speaking events, etc...). EXCEPTION: Fall and Spring Finalists in LifeSmarts will be able to sign up to compete at the NLE.
    The following is a list of events that CA FBLA members will be allowed to compete in at the 2020 NLE (without pre-qualification from a section or state conference):
    • Accounting I
    • Accounting II
    • Advertising
    • Agribusiness
    • Business Calculations
    • Business Communication
    • Business Law
    • Computer Problem Solving
    • Cyber Security
    • Economics
    • Health Care Administration
    • Insurance & Risk Management
    • Introduction to Business
    • Introduction to Business Communication
    • Introduction to Business Procedures
    • Introduction to FBLA
    • Introduction to Financial Math
    • Introduction to Information Technology
    • Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure
    • Journalism
    • Networking Concepts
    • Organizational Leadership
    • Personal Finance
    • Political Science
    • Securities & Investments
    • LifeSmarts, Virtual Business Finance Challenge
    • LifeSmarts, Virtual Business Management Challenge.
    Again, competitors are not permitted to compete in an event more than once at the national level unless one of the exceptions related to team events are in effect.  This guideline DOES include events that members compete in this year, 2020.


Registration Instructions

  • Registration by Adviser

    (For Registration Completed by Student with Parent/Guardian Support, See Instructions at Bottom Right of This Page)

    • STEP ONE--CONFERENCE REGISTRATION:  Local chapter advisers may register student members for the NLE Virtual Conference directly via this link.
      • Local chapter advisers must provide a valid individual student email for each student registered so that the National Center will be able to send log-in credentials to particiipants. Do not supply school email addresses if incoming outside emails are blocked. In such cases, please supply the students' private email addresses.
      • Local chapter advisers must provide a valid US mailing address for all students in order to send awards directly to each winner of a competitive event (this year only).
      • Step-by-Step Registration Instructions for Advisers May Be Viewed by Clicking HERE
    • STEP TWO--COMPETITIVE EVENT REGISTRATION:  Registering for the NLE does not automatically register a student member for any competitive events.  Only state offices may register competitors from a given state.  Students may register for one online objective testing event as listed to the left.  Since students may only compete at the national level in a given event once, choose carefully.  Use this CA FBLA 2020 NLE Competitive Event Request Form in order to register for a competitive event for the NLE.  The student must already be a dues-paid member for 2019-2020 and must already be registered for the 2020 FBLA NLE as described above.  Completion of the competitive event request form will not be valid unless the student is previously registered for the 2020 FBLA NLE.  Registration for CA FBLA competitive event entries for the 2020 FBLA NLE closes after 11:59 p.m. on May 22, 2020.  
  • Registration by Student Member With Parent/Guardian Support 

    • STEP ONE--CONFERENCE REGISTRATION:  Registration for the 2020 FBLA NLE Virtual Conference (required to enter competitive events and to attend vitually the opening session, leadership content programming, and closing celebrration) may also be completed as follows by the student and parent if the adviser is not available.  Registration for the NLE closes on June 24, 2020.
      • Please call the FBLA National Ceenter at (703) 860-5228 or toll-free at (800) 325-2946 (Ext. 133) between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Eastern Time (5 a.m. until 3 p.m. Pacific Time) to register.  Parent/Guardian MUST be present at time of the registration phone call.  
        • Be ready to provide a valid individual private email address for the student being registered so that the National Center will be able to send log-in credentials to the student.  School email addresses are unreliable since they frequently block incoming email from unfamiliar sources.
        • Be ready to provide a US mailing address for the mailing of any awards won.
        • Be ready to supply a valid credit card for payment.
    • STEP TWO--COMPETITIVE EVENT REGISTRATION:  Members who plan to participate in a competitive event are encouraged to work with their local chapter advisers to register with their chapter.  However, if advisers are not available to complete competitive event registration, student members can register using this CA FBLA 2020 FBLA NLE Competitive Event Request Form.  This form will close to new entries after 11:59 p.m. on May 22, 2020.  Registration for the 2020 FBLA NLE Virtual Conference must be completed (instructions above) BEFORE submitting the competitive event request form.