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  • State Leadership Conference 2021 (Virtual)


    Call for Judges!


    All of the competition dates are posted in the registration guide above and also in April on our calendar here:  https://www.cafbla.org/Page/10#calendar195/20210416/month

    Online Registration in Blue Panda IS Open Now
    $50 per Student*/$0 per Adviser

    *Even though this is a virtual conference, there are many costs involved with our many online systems and platforms, keynote speakers, workshops and other activities, and ordering/shipping of awards. 
    Chapter Support Grant funds may be used to pay for student registrations.*




    Please share this link with your network of professional friends and colleagues and help CA FBLA get great judges in needed quantities for our State Leadership Conference!
    Link Coming Soon!






    Direct any questions about SLC (registration and other info) to Mrs. Melanie Dias, Program & Events Manager, at mdias@cafbla.org.

    NOTEStudent questions should go through the local chapter adviser who will contact SLC Staff listed in the above Conference Guide. Students attempting to communicate directly with CA FBLA Staff will not be answered.  CA FBLA staff will only communicate directly with school advisers.




    Below is Information from 2019 Conference
    Will be Updated for 2021 Virtual SLC Soon
    Objective Testing Sessions (Testing Room 306/307)
    (UPDATED 4.10 with new Advertising and Political Science times)
    Objective Testing Conflicts: Friday, April 24
    (Saturday conflicts will be posted after Friday objective testing is completed)

    Performance Schedules Link

    ** Competitive event rooms, schedules and conflicts are subject to change. On the day of your event, please check this section of the SLC website, Twitter or conference bulletin boards for the latest schedule and location of your event. **

    Have a question? See a conflict? Notice an error? Please email Manuel Rapada:  


    2020 FINALISTS

     3D Animation (8)

     American Enterprise Project (8)


    Banking & Financial Systems (8) ***

     Please see the "performance schedules" link above
    Business Ethics (10)


     Business Financial Plan (8)


     Business Plan (8)


    Client Service (10)***

     Please see the "performance schedules" link above 

     Coding and Programming (8)


     Computer Game & Simulation Programming (8)


     Community Service Project (8)


     Digital Video Production (8)


     E-Business (8)


     Electronic Career Portfolio (8)

     Emerging Business Issues (10)  

    Entrepreneurship (8)  ***

     Please see the "performance schedules" link above 

    Future Business Leader (10)

     Please see the "performance schedules" link above 

    Global Business (8) ***

     Please see the "performance schedules" link above
    Graphic Design (8)  

    Help Desk (10) ***

     Please see the "performance schedules" link above

    Hospitality Management (8) ***

     Please see the "performance schedules" link above
     Introduction to Business Presentation (10)


     L. Byram Bates Memorial Scholarship  Please see the "performance schedules" link above

    Local Chapter Annual Business Report (8)


    Management Decision Making (8) ***

     Please see the "performance schedules" link above

    Management Information Systems (8) ***

     Please see the "performance schedules" link above

    Marketing (8) ***

     Please see the "performance schedules" link above
     Mobile Application Development (8)


    Network Design (8) ***

     Please see the "performance schedules" link above

    Parliamentary Procedure (5) ***

     Please see the "performance schedules" link above

     Partnership with Business Project (8)


     Public Service Announcement (8)

     Publication Design (8)  
     Social Media Campaign (8)  

    Sports & Entertainment Management (8) ***

     Please see the "performance schedules" link above

     Website Design (8)

    *** These Events include a Case Study for the Finalists.  Click here for a Case Study Guide for some helpful tips.
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    Conference Name Badges and Picture IDs
    Conference name badges are required at all SLC events.
    Additionally, official picture ID cards are required for entry in competitive events.