Section Meeting

Section Conferences

  • California FBLA hosts a section Officer and Adviser Training ("OAT") Day every September and a Section Leadership Conference every spring in each of its six geographic sections.  Please visit your section's web page (click on Sections in the menu bar and then on the link for your section) to find out about upcoming section events and conferences and to download the official registration guide for your section's event. 

    For 2020, all sections will use the following spreadsheet form for all submissions of Section Leadership Conference registration.   Click HERE to download the 2020 Section Conference Registration Form (Excel Spreadsheet). Revised to include school names on drop-down list approved for affiliation through 2:55 p.m. on 1-23-2020.

    Please note

    • This is a Microsoft Excel file, and it must be downloaded and saved to the local computer and then opened using Microsoft Excel software (not Excel Online) in order to be able to access all of the features needed to complete the data entry.  Do not attempt to complete the form by opening directly from an email attachment as this will likely result in the document being stored in an online cloud such as Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive, and not all features will work properly to fill in the form accurately. 
      • Advisers in need of the full desktop version of Microsoft Excel should email Sue Christensen at
      • An invoice, located on a secondary sheet within the spreadsheet, is automatically generated and updated. Advisers should print the Invoice sheet as needed for documentation for their school ASB or business office.
        • IMPORTANT:  Do not delete any blank columns or rows anywhere on either sheet as you will probably mistakenly delete some behind-the-scenes calculating that is necessary for the generating of the invoice (also don't insert rows when inputting data).  If you notice your invoice not working and showing REF! errors, it's most likely due to deleting critical columns or rows.  Just paste all your data into a freshly downloaded template, click anywhere else, and you should be good to go with an accurate invoice.
    • Each time a school chapter submits additional registrants, removes registrants, or changes an event for a registrant, the same spreadsheet must be updated, saved, and resubmitted.  When registration closes on January 24, the most recent copy of the spreadsheet will become the final copy of the chapter's registration, with the following exceptions:
      • Deadline for registration for the production events (Computer Applications, Database Design & Applications, Spreadsheet Applications, and Word Processing) is December 13, along with separate submission to the CAP Coordinator of the Production Test Request Form found here
      • Deadline for registration for Broadcast Journalism, FBL, Job Interview, and Sales Presentation is January 17, along with separate submission of materials and forms found here to the CAP Coordinator.
    • Registration submissions must be emailed to by the chapter adviser using the chapter adviser's official school email address.  Submissions from un-official email addresses will be returned to the sender.
    • Before adding a student to the registration form for any of the above deadlines, (1) the chapter must be officially affiliated for the 2019-2020 school year and (2) the student must have national membership recorded and paid in full with the national office at  The student's national membership number is necessary in completing the conference registration form.  Advisers can find the student's number on the national site when logged in as an adviser here.

    Selecting Active Students screen   Finding student number   Our spreadsheet form with dropdowns