• State Executive Student Board

    FBLA is a student-run, adviser-supported organization. Elected student officers gain real business experience by representing the membership and contributing to the association's strategic planning, fundraising, marketing, promotion, training, and conferences.

    State and section officers are also key resources for local chapters and members. Contact any of the officers for advice, assistance, or support for your chapter's activities, or for information on getting started in the association.


    2020-2021 State Executive Student Board


    Kelsea Whiting
    State President  
    c/o Ms. Nikole Burg, FBLA Adviser 

    Colusa High School
    E-Mail: president@cafbla.org
    Member-of-the-Month Email: mom@cafbla.org

    Bay Section State Vice President 


    Jessica Abarca
    Central Section State Vice President 
    c/o Mr. Jacob Avila, FBLA Adviser 
    Redwood High School 
    E-Mail: centralpresident@cafbla.org

    Trevor Gadsby
    Gold Coast Section State Vice President 
    c/o Dr. Laurie Looker, FBLA Adviser
    Westlake HS  
    E-Mail: goldcoastpresident@cafbla.org 

    Megan Le
    Inland Section State Vice President
    c/o Mr. Lee Lara, FBLA Adviser 
    Centennial HS
    E-Mail: inlandpresident@cafbla.org

    Tyler Sprague
    Northern Section State Vice President 
    c/o Ms.Deborah O'Neill-Knight, FBLA Adviser 
    Trinity High School 
    E-Mail: northernpresident@cafbla.org

    Ishaan Sakhrani
    Southern Section State Co-Vice President 
    c/o Ms. Samiya Hai
    Yorba Linda HS
    E-Mail: southernpresident@cafbla.org

    Renee Wrysinski
    State Secretary 
    c/o Ms. Nikole Burg, FBLA Adviser
    Colusa High School
    E-Mail: secretary@cafbla.org

    Sahiti Kadiyala
    State Public Relations Officer 
    c/o Mr. Graeme Logie
    Homestead HS
    E-Mail: pr@cafbla.org