• Prejudged Report & Presentation

    Applicable Events:

    Report Guidelines

    • Competitors must prepare reports. Advisers and others are not permitted to write reports.
    • Reports must be submitted online in PDF format by the published deadline. 
    • The school/competitor must upload a PDF of the report by the submission date listed in the conference guide and on the Competitive Events Calendar. (Report size limit - 20 MB - compress if necessary)
    • Front cover is not counted against page limit.
    • American Enterprise Project, Community Service, Local Chapter Annual Business Report, and Partnership with Business Project should include the name of school, state, name of the event, and year (20XX–XX) on the cover. Business Financial Plan and Business Plan should also include the names of participants.
    • Divider pages and appendices are optional and must be included in the page count.
    • Reports must include a table of contents and page numbers.
    • Pages must be numbered and formatted to fit on 8-½"x11" paper. Refer to the FBLA Format Guide.
    • Reports start from previous State Leadership Conference to current State Leadership Conference.
    • Follow the rating sheet sequence when writing the report. If information is not available for the particular criterion, include a statement to that effect in your report.
    • Points will be deducted if the written project doesn't adhere to the guidelines.
    • Project content is prejudged before the State Conference. The top five (5) or top eight (8) reports with the highest scores will participate in the  presentation of the report with up to three (3) members. Finalists will be determined by December 31.
    • Prejudged materials, visual aids, and samples related to the project may be used during the presentation; however, no items may be left with the judges or audience.
    • The report scores will be included on the performance rating sheet. 
    • Reports must be original, current, and not submitted for a previous SLC.
    • Reports submitted for competition become the property of CAFBLA. 

    Performance Guidelines

    • Visual aids related to the project may be used; however, no items may be left with the judges or audience.
    • Final performances are open to conference attendees, space permitting. Finalists may not view other competitors’ performances in their event.

    Technology Guidelines

    • Internet access will not be provided.
    • The following will be provided for the final round of technology presentation events: power and a table. Competitors need to bring a computer, projector, and long extension cord. 
    • Five (5) minutes will be allowed to set up equipment and/or presentation items.
    • See the Technology Guidelines under General Performance Event Guidelines for additional information.

    Penalty Points Deducted by Judges

    • Five (5) points may be deducted for presentations over the allotted time.
    • Five (5) points may be deducted for not following guidelines.