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  • Category: Objective Test & Presentation

    Type: Team (Section, State and National Competition)

    ELIGIBILITY: No more than one (1) team member may have competed in this event at a prior NLC or have competed more than two (2) years at the national level.

    SECTION: Each local chapter may enter one team of four (4) or five (5) members. No presentation at the section conference.
    : A maximum of the top three (3) places from the section competition will represent their section at the State Leadership Conference. The top eight (8) teams with the highest average objective test score at SLC will compete in the role play presentation portion of the event. 

    NATIONAL: The top four (4) places in state competition will represent California at the National Leadership Conference. NOTE: Some SLC top-10 finalists will become eligible for the national conference as a result of drops. Make sure you get early approval from your parents to attend the National Conference so you will be in a position to say "yes" to your adviser if you are "bumped up".

    OVERVIEW: Two (2) parts: an objective test and a meeting presentation. A 60-minute objective test will be administered to each team member onsite at each conference. Team competitors will take individual tests and the individual scores will be averaged to determine the team score. Finalists will be given a role play sceanario to simulate a regular chapter meeting. The examination and presentation criteria for this event will be based on Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Reivsed, 11th Edition or latest edition.

    Objective Test Competencies: Parliamentary Procedure Principles (questions will be drawn from the National Association of Parliamentarian’s official test bank); FBLA Bylaws.

    Case: The role play scenario will be given to simulate a regular chapter meeting. The examination and performance criteria for this event will be based on Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised, 11th edition.

    Skills: The Dorothy L. Travis Award recognizes FBLA members who demonstrate knowledge of parliamentary procedure principles along with an understanding of FBLA’s organization and procedures. This event is based on team rather than individual competition. Team participants develop speaking ability and poise through competitive performance.

    Tips for Events Involving a Case Study or an Interactive/Role Play

    • Students will be given a case study and/or role play scenario for review prior to the performance. 
    • Participants will be given note cards to write on during practice, and may use the note cards in the performance room.
    • Do your homework and look at the performance rating sheet for your event. The judges will be using the rating sheet to score each individual or team.
    • In an interactive/role-play event, the judges will interact during the presentation and still might ask questions at the end.
    • Review the Performance Indicators when reading the case study or role play scenario.
    • If competing as a team, all team members must participate in the presentation.

    Event Specific Guidelines

    Performance Guidelines
    • Parliamentary procedure reference materials may be used during the preparation period but not during the performance itself. The following items may be taken into the prep and performance room: a copy of the problem for each team member, the treasurers’ report, and a copy of the minutes from a preceding meeting
    • Performances must include presentation of procedures that are used in a complete regular meeting of the chapter from the time the meeting is called to order until it is adjourned. Items designated in the case must be included in the appropriate order of business, but other items also should be taken up during the meeting. The secretary will take notes during the performance, but notes will not be transcribed into minutes.
    • The problem may or may not include class of motions, but all five (5) classes of motions—main, subsidiary, privileged, incidental, and motions that bring a question again before the assembly—must be demonstrated during the performance.
    • No reference materials, visual aids, or electronic devices may be brought to or used during the performance.

    FINALISTS: The top five (5) teams with the highest objective averaged score will participate in the meeting presentation of this event. 


    Test: 1 hour individual Objective Test
    Prep: 20 min 
    Equipment Setup: N/A 
    Performance: 9 min 
    Warning: 8 min 
    Time Up: 11 min 
    Penalty Over Time: 5 pts 
    Q & A: N/A 

    JUDGING: A panel of judges will use the rating sheet to score the meeting of the competitors. 

    Rating Sheet (search for Parliamentary Procedure)

    GUIDELINES: (It is highly recommended that competitors read all guidelines)
    Sequester Guidelines
    General Presentation

    General (All Events)
    General Competitive Event Tips