• Presentation Events – Sequestered




    Speech Event

    ·        Impromptu Speaking



    Role Play Events

    ·        Banking & Financial Systems
    ·        Client Service
    ·        Entrepreneurship
    ·        Global Business
    ·        Help Desk
    ·        Hospitality Management

    ·        Management Decision Making
    ·        Management Information Systems
    ·        Marketing
    ·        Network Design
    ·        Parliamentary Procedure
    ·        Sports & Entertainment Management


    Competitors must report to the waiting room before doors close as indicated in the conference program. 

    Note: It is recommended that participants competing in sequestered events only enter in that event. No accommodations will be made for competitors to leave the waiting room to compete in other events. NO GRACE PERIOD. Competitors will be disqualified if they are late to their event.


    • Competitors must be escorted from room to room.
    • Competitors may bring food and drinks to the waiting (sequester) room.
    • Competitors may not communicate (via text or in person) with outside individuals. Immediate disqualification if this is done.
    • NO electronic devices, including cellphones and laptops are allowed after arriving at the waiting room.