• Applicable Events 

    Overview: These events consist of two (2) parts: an objective test (section and state levels) and a role play presentation component (state level only). Competitors are required to complete both parts for award eligibility at the state level.

    Finalists: The Top five (5) or eight (8) individual or teams with the highest objective test score at the state conference will compete in the role play presentation portion of the event. Competitors will be given a case study involving a problem outlining the understanding and awareness of the event-specific competencies. Number of finalists (5 or 8) will be finalized by December 31.

    Performance Guidelines (SLC Only)

    • All competitors must check in at the sequester room thirty (30) minutes prior to the start of the event by showing your photo ID and name badge. Sequester report times will be listed in the conference program.
    • Two (2) 4"x6" note cards will be provided to each competitor and may be used during event preparation and performance. Information may be written on both sides of the note cards. Note cards will be collected following the presentation.
    • No additional reference materials allowed.
    • Turn off all electronic devices.
    • Individuals/teams should introduce themselves, describe the situation, make their recommendations, and summarize their cases.
    • If participating as a team, all team members are expected to actively participate in the performance.
    • All questions raised in the case must be addressed during the presentation.
    • Objective test scores will be used to break a tie.
    • Final performances are open to conference attendees. Audience members must follow the conference dress code.