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  • Category: Prejudged Project & Presentation
    Type: Individual or Team

    OVERVIEW: This event consists of two (2) parts: a prejudged project and a presentation at the conference. Competitors are required to complete both parts for award eligibility.

    No more than one (1) team member may have competed in this event at a prior NLC or have competed more than two (2) years at the national level. However if competing a second year, the participant must be part of a team.

    : Each local chapter may submit one (1) entry created by either an individual (1) or a team of two (2) or three (3).
    NATIONAL: The top four (4) places in the state competition will representate California at the National Leadership Conference.

    TOPIC You are to create a game designed to test a member’s knowledge of FBLA.  The game must produce questions to be presented to the user comprising a minimum of five different FBLA related topics. Topics may include competitive events, business skills, national officers and/or running for national office, national sponsors/partners, basic parliamentary procedure, national conference (NFLC and NLC) dates/locations, FBLA history, etc.  The game must be winnable.  For example, you must implement a system of rewards/penalties such as points, tokens, or levels.  Questions should be drawn from a question bank that presents the user a different assortment of questions every run of the game.  There must be an increase in difficulty as the levels increase.

    • The game must be compatible with a Windows 7 or newer operating system
    • The game should be secure and bug free
    • The game should utilize two of the following: keyboard, touchscreen, and/or mouse
    • The game must be compatible for a maximum ESRB rating of E10+
    • The game should have an instructional display
    • The game should have credits indicating who completed each portion/component of the development process
    • The game should have a menu with an option to quit at any point

    SKILLS:  This event tests the programmer’s skill in designing a functional interactive simulation/game that will both entertain and educate/inform the player.


    • Choose a programming language or game/animation engine to create a standalone executable program that will display creativity, programming skill, and convey the message of the topic.
    • The program must run on Windows XP or a higher computer.
    • Data must be free of viruses/malware. Any entry with contaminated data will not be judged
    • All data and programs should be contained in a master folder named SECTION_SCHOOL where your section and school are listed in that folder name format. Outside of the master folder, create a shortcut to the executable file. If the program requires a runtime player, create a shortcut outside the master folder to launch the runtime player installer.
    • Must be graphical in nature, not text based
    • An initial title page with the game title, user interface control instructions, and active buttons for Play and Quit
    • A quit command programmed to the escape key
    • The program should be shown to the judges.

    Submission: Program must be submitted online as a URL. See Competitive Events Overview for submission forms.
    Submission Due Date:  11:59 pm February 28. Conference registration is required for work to be judged. Missing the deadline or failure to register for the conference will forfeit competitor participation. Hint: Allow for plenty of time to upload your work.

    JUDGING: Judges will use the rating sheet (prejudged or presentation) to score competitors. The panel of judges evaluating prejudged materials may not necessarily be the same panel evaluating the presentations. All decisions of the judges are final.

    Rating Sheet
     (Prejudged and Presentation)


    • Equipment Setup: 5 min (if exceeded, the amount of time exceeded will be deducted from the presentation time)
    • Performance: 7 min 
    • Warning: 6 min
    • Time Up: 7 min 
    • Penalty Over Time: 5 pts 
    • Q & A: Judges will conduct a three (3) minute question-answer period.

    GUIDELINES (It is highly recommended that competitors read all guidelines)
    Prejudged Project with Presentation
    General Presentation
    General (All Events)
    General Competitive Event Tips

    Sample Practice Materials

    Format Guide


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