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  • Category: Prejudged Project & Presentation

    Type: Individual

    OVERVIEW: This event consists of two (2) parts: a prejudged project and a presentation at the conference. Competitors are required to complete both parts for award eligibility.

    ELIGIBILITY: The participant may not have previously competed in this event at the national level.

    : Each local chapter may submit one (1) entry created by an individual (1).
    NATIONAL: The top four (4) places in the state competition will represent California at the National Leadership Conference.

    TOPIC Develop a computer program to manage the issuance of e-books to a class of students. Give the class and e-book a name. The program must complete a minimum of the following tasks:

    • Track student name and grade in school with ability to enter/view/edit.
    • Track the redemption codes for each individual copy of the e-book with ability to enter/view/edit codes.
    • Track the issuance of e-books for a student--a redemption code may be used only once and paired with the student.
    • Generate or print weekly report to show to whom books are assigned.
    • Data must be stored persistently. Storage may be in a relational database, a document-oriented NoSQL database, flat text files, flat JSON or XML files.
    • The user interface must be a GUI with a minimum of five different control types including such things as drop-down lists, text fields, check boxes, emails, or other relevant control types.
    • All data entry must be validated with appropriate user notifications and error messages including the use of required fields.

    SKILLS:  Certain types of processes require that each record in the file be processed. Coding & Programming focuses on these procedural style processing systems. This event tests the programmer’s skill in designing a useful, efficient, and effective program.


    Event Specific Guidelines

    • The program must run on Windows XP or higher.
    • Solution must run standalone with no programming errors.
    • Data must be free of viruses/malware. Any entry with contaminated data will not be judged.
    • The program should be shown to the judges.

    Submission: Program must be submitted online as a URL. See Competitive Events Overview for submission forms. Statement of Assurance included in form.
    Submission Due Date:  11:59 pm PST February 28. Conference registration is required for work to be judged. Missing the deadline will forfeit competitor participation. Hint: Allow for plenty of time to upload your work.

    FINALISTS: The top five (5) individuals or teams with the highest prejudged score will participate in the presentation portion of this event. Competitors are responsible for bringing the program to show the judges.


    • Equipment Setup5 min (if exceeded, the amount of time exceeded will be deducted from the presentation time)
    • Performance: 7 min 
    • Warning: 6 min
    • Time Up: 7 min 
    • Penalty Over Time: 5 pts 
    • Q & A: Judges will conduct a three (3) minute question-answer period.

     JUDGING: Judges will use the rating sheets (prejudged or presentation) to score competitors. The panel of judges evaluating prejudged materials may not necessarily be the same panel evaluating the presentations. All decisions of the judges are final.

    Rating Sheet (performance is shown first)

    GUIDELINES (It is highly recommended that competitors read all guidelines)
    Prejudged Project with Presentation
    General Presentation
    General (All Events)
    General Competitive Event Tips

    Format Guide


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