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  • Category:  Objective Test and Presentation (Role Play)

    Type: Individual

    OVERVIEW: Two (2) parts: an objective test and interactive role play presentation. A 60-minute objective test will be administered onsite at the State Conference. The role play part of this event consists of an open exchange between the competitor and the judges throughout the presentation. Finalists will be given a case study and will have 10 minutes to prepare for the role play presentation.

    SKILLS: This event provides members with an opportunity to develop and demonstrate their knowledge and skill in interacting with internal and external clients to provide an outstanding client service experience. The client service consultant engages clients in conversation regarding products, handles inquiries, solves problems, and uncovers opportunities for additional assistance. Participants develop speaking ability and poise through participation as well as critical-thinking skills.

    ELIGIBILITY:  The participant may not have previously competed in this event at the national level.

    STATE: Each local chapter may submit one (1) entry. 

    NATIONAL: The top four (4) places in the state competition will represent California at the National Leadership Conference. NOTE: Some SLC top-10 competitors will become eligible for the national conference as a result of drops. Make sure you get early approval from your parents to attend the National Conference so you will be in a position to say "yes" to your adviser if you are "bumped up".

    Event Specific Guidelines

    • The first part of the event demonstrates knowledge of acceptable client service skills.
    • The  role play part requires the competitor to provide customer service to a client (judges).
    • Two (2) 4” x 6” note cards will be provided for each competitor and may be used during the preparation and performance of the case.
    • Information may be written on both sides of the note cards.
    • Note cards will be collected following the presentation.
    • No other reference materials, visual aids, or electronic devices may be brought in or used during the preparation of the performance.

    Tips for Events Involving a Case Study or an Interactive/Role Play

    • Students will be given a case study and/or role play scenario for review prior to the performance. 
    • Participants will be given note cards to write on during practice, and may use the note cards in the performance room.
    • Do your homework and look at the performance rating sheet for your event. The judges will be using the rating sheet to score each individual or team.
    • In an interactive/role-play event, the judges will interact during the presentation and still might ask questions at the end.
    • Review the Performance Indicators when reading the case study or role play scenario.
    • If competing as a team, all team members must participate in the presentation.

    The top ten (10) individuals with the highest objective test scores will compete in the role play presentation portion of the event and consists of an open exchange between the competitor and the judges throughout the presentation.


    Objective Test: 60 minutes
    : 10 min 

    Equipment Setup: N/A 
    Performance: 5 min 
    Warning: 4 min 
    Time Up: 5 min 
    Penalty Over Time: N/A 
    Q & A: N/A 

    JUDGING: The competitor has a total of five (5) minutes to interact with a panel of judges to demonstrate how to solve the problem. The judges will play the role of the second party in the presentation and will refer to the case for specifics. All questions raised during the case must be addressed during the presentation. All decisions of judges are final.

    Rating Sheet (search for Client Service)

    GUIDELINES (It is highly recommended that competitors read all guidelines)