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  • Category: Speech
    Type: Individual 

    ELIGIBILITY: The participant may not have previously competed in this event at the national level.
    OVERVIEW: Business speech based on FBLA‑PBL Goals, FBLA-PBL activities, FBLA-PBL current national programs, current events, and/or relevant business topics.

    SECTION: Each local chapter may enter one (1) members.
    STATE: A maximum of the top two (2) places from the section competition will represent their section at the State Leadership Conference.
    NATIONAL: The top four (4) places in the state competition will represent California at the National Leadership Conference. NOTE: Some SLC top-10 finalists will become eligible for the national conference as a result of drops. Make sure you get early approval from your parents to attend the National Conference so you will be in a position to say "yes" to your adviser if you are "bumped up".

    SKILLS: The ability to express one’s thoughts without prior preparation is a valuable asset; as are poise, self-confidence, and organization of facts. This event recognizes FBLA members who develop qualities of business leadership by combining quick and clear thinking with conversational speaking.


    • All competitors will be sequestered to receive instructions and time assignments.
    • Ten (10) minutes before the speech, the competitor will be taken to the preparation room to receive the speech topic.
    • Two (2) 4" x 6" note cards will be provided for each competitor to use during the preparation and speech. Information may be written on both sides. Note cards will be collected following the speech. No other reference materials such as visual aids or handouts may be brought to or used during the event preparation or presentation.
    • The speech should be four (4) minutes in length.
    • When the speaker is finished, the time used by the participant will be recorded, noting a deduction of five (5) points for any time under 3:31 or over 4:29.

    JUDGING: A panel of judges will use the rating sheet to score competitors. All decisions of the judges are final.

    Rating Sheet (search for Impromptu Speaking)


    • Preparation Time: 10 min
    • Equipment Setup: N/A
    • Performance: 4 min 
    • Warning: 3 min
    • Time Up: 4 min 
    • Penalty Over Time: 5 pts 
    • Q & A: N/A 

    GUIDELINES: (It is highly recommended that competitors read all guidelines)
    Sequester Guidelines
    Speech Event Guidelines
    General Presentation
    General (All Events)

    General Competitive Events Tips
    Speech Event Tips

    Sample Practice Materials
    Sample Practice PDF #1
    Format Guide
    Format Guide PDF

    Website Resources
    Presentation Tips for Public Speaking
    Succeed in Public Speaking
    Toastmasters International


    NBEA Standards
    • Communication
    Career Clusters
    • Business Management & Administration
    • Human Services
    • Marketing, Sales, & Service