• Interview Event Tips 

    Letter of Application and Résumé

    The following suggestions have been collected from judges’ comments and are presented to help eliminate the technical errors that can lead to lower scores and/or disqualification.

    • Letters must be addressed exactly as stated in the event guidelines.
    • Letters of application are limited to one page and résumés to no more than two pages.
    • Photographs must notbe submitted.
    • Letters of recommendation should notbe included with the materials.
    • Letters are generally preferred in block format.
    • All documents must be error-free.
    • Some judges have stated their preference for résumés that list an objective.
    • Résumés should emphasize the skills that contribute to the position for which one is applying. 

    Suggestions for Creating a Good Résumé

    • The résumé should show a clear match between your skills, experience, and activities with the event.
    • Highlight your major accomplishments.
    • Information on the résumé should be listed in order of importance; e.g. for Job Interviewlist your work experience (paid or unpaid) first and for Future Business Leader your FBLA involvement.
    • Highlight the important skills that make you stand out for the award.
    • Make a good first impression—no typos or incorrect grammar.
    • Information on your résumé must be truthful.
    • List your extracurricular activities that relate to the event. 

    Interview Process

    • Turn off all electronic devices.
    • When walking into the room, introduce yourself to the judges stating your name and school.
    • Remember to bring one copy of your résumé and cover letter to each round of interviews. These documents will be left with the judges.
    • Practice your handshake—it should be firm and not lingering.
    • Speak professionally, have good eye contact, smile, and ask questions. This is your time to tell the judges why you deserve to be number one.
    • Dress professionally—follow the established dress code. Conservative is better. Wearing a jacket for this type of event is highly recommended. Watch the length of skirts and type of shoes. Give careful attention to personal hygiene and coordinated accessories including well-polished shoes. Keep jewelry to a minimum. Use fragrances sparingly.
    • If you don’t know an answer to a question, please ask the judges to restate the question, which will give you more time to compose an answer.
    • Review the rating sheet for the event to make sure you know what the judges will be rating.
    • Do not present judges with thank you notes or gifts of appreciation.