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    • PRODUCTION EVENT REQUEST FORM. Chapter advisers must register competitors using the conference registration system AND complete the proctor information requested on the Production Event Request Form by December 11 (section) and February 26 (state). Please Note: Chapters who do not register a proctor AND register students for the specific conference by the above deadlines will not receive tests. Failure to meet these deadlines will result in disqualification.

    • TEST PROCTOR. A test proctor must be specified on the Proctor Registration form found on the Competitive Events Overview page to receive all production tests. This person must be a certificated teacher or a school staff member and cannot be an adviser or a parent. You may have more than one test proctor; however, all tests will be sent to one designee. There is a form for both section and state conferences.

    • CALCULATORS. Calculators are not allowed on production tests.

    • DOCUMENT PREPARATION. Documents prepared for production events must be prepared by the competitor without help from the adviser or any other person.

    • REFERENCE MATERIALS. Competitors in Computer Applications and Word Processing may use the Format Guide supplied in their test packet. No Materials are allowed for Database Design and Applications or Spreadsheet Applications.

    • RESULTS. At both the section and state levels, the score received on the production portion will constitute 85% of the final event score, and the score received on the objective test will constitute 15% of the final event score. Ties are broken using the production score.

    • ALLOTED TIME. One hour is permitted for Database Design & Applications, Spreadsheet Applications, and Word Processing. Two hours are permitted for Computer Applications. Once the event has begun, the clock may only be stopped for repair of technical problems outside the control of the student being tested.

    • JUDGING. There are not specific dates for administering the school-site production tests, but there is a specified date when completed tests must be uploaded electronically for grading. All materials must be submitted by January 22 (section) and by March 26 (state) to be judged. Instructions for submitting completed work are in the Proctor’s instructions and in each competitor’s packet.

    • DISQUALIFICATION. All tests and any materials printed during the testing session must be destroyed by the proctor immediately after documents have been uploaded for grading. The online competitor and Proctor Certification Form must be submitted with the tests. Missing certification forms will result in disqualification from the events(s).

    • STANDARDS OF MAILABIITY. The following regulations apply to the Computer Applications and Word Processing events. Materials submitted in these events are graded against the standard of zero errors and businesslike format. The Format Guide must be followed to ensure proper formatting of any word processing document in these events.

      • SLIGHT CORRECTIONS. The following will result in a penalty of two (2) points per error.

        • Omission of a non-essential part of a document (e.g. reference initials, enclosure notation)
        • Minor errors in vertical or horizontal placement
        • Minor spacing errors
        • Inserted or omitted words that do not charge the meaning of the sentence 

      • SERIOUS CORRECTIONS. The following errors result in a penalty of five (5) points per error.
        • Keying or spelling errors
        • Inserted or omitted words that change the meaning of the sentence
        • Formatting errors
        • Failure to follow directions


    • No materials may be brought to the testing site.
    • No calculators may be brought into the testing site; calculators will be provided.
    • Electronic devices must be turned off and out of sight.
    • Bring a writing instrument.