• General Competitive Events Tips


    1. Dress for Success—Members must be in business attire. Please check the CAFBLA website for the Dress Code. If you question if you are properly attired, then change. Consult with your local chapter adviser for clarification.

    2. Read and follow explicitly the state and national competitive events guidelines. Be aware of differences between state and national guidelines.

    3. Check the status of membership dues. Students must be dues-paid members by December 11 or January 18 (Section Conference), February 28 or March 1 (State and National Conferences) to compete in competition. The sooner dues are paid the sooner members will receive FBLA benefits.

    4. All materials must be received by CAFBLA Competitive Events by the dates listed in each event and listed in the General Guidelines. Any member missing a deadline, weather membership, prejudged projects submission, or event registration, will not be able to compete.

    5. Follow guidelines for submitting prejudged work. Refer to individual events.

    6. Become completely familiar with the procedures to be followed for participation in each type of event at the section, state, and national levels.

    7. Determine from the rating sheets and guidelines the areas that will be judged, and the weight given to each area.

    8. Obtain a variety of updated information on different subject areas and provide access to students for study.

    9. Contact former and current chapter members who have competed in previous years for suggestions.

    10. Find mentors and other experts who can help members prepare for competition. Involve faculty, advisory committee members, Professional Division members, businesspeople, community volunteers, and parents in study sessions and event preparation.

    11. Try to recreate as realistically as possible the conditions under which the competition will take place and PRACTICE.

    12. Make certain that the copies of materials to be submitted to judges are error-free and in the proper format.