• Management Team

    Day-to-day operations of California FBLA are managed by the state Management Team, consisting of the directors from each section, state office staff, and the current student state president. The Management Team makes policy and fiscal recommendations to the Board of Directors for possible action.

    General inquiries to the State Office how to be a supporter should be directed to info@cafbla.org.  Questions regarding starting a chapter and chapter rmanagement should be directed to our Chapter Support Center at hello@cafbla.org.  The U.S. Mail address for the mailing of state invoices or state conference payments to the state business office is California FBLA, P.O. BOX 6667 Santa Ana, CA 92706.  Phone and email inquiries should be directed to staff as indicated below (State Office staff listed at bottom).


    State Office

    Mrs. Danielle Tolentino Tuason
    California FBLA Chief Operations Officer
    Phone:  (562) 682-8531
    Email: dtuason@cafbla.org

    Ms. Molly Anderson

    California FBLA State Adviser (Voting)
    California Department of Education
    1430 N Street, Suite 4202
    Sacramento, CA 95814
    Phone:  (916) 445-6217 (Office)
    E-Mail:  MoAnderson@cde.ca.gov

    Mrs. Melanie Dias
    Program & Events Manager (Voting)
    Phone:  559-799-3639
    Email:  programmanager@cafbla.org


    Dr. Laurie Looker
    State Officers Coordinator (Voting)

    Westlake High School
    100 N. Lakeview Canyon Road
    Westlake Village, CA 91362
    Phone:  (805) 497-6711
    FAX:  (805) 497-2606
    E-Mail: stateofficerscoordinator@cafbla.org

    Section Directors

    Mr. Graeme Logie
    Bay Section Director (Voting)
    Homestead High School 
    1821 South Bascom #389 
    Campbell, CA 95008 
    Phone: (408) 522-2500 Ext. 5848
    FAX: (408) 738-8631
    E-Mail:  baydirector@cafbla.org

    Mr. Jacob Avila
    Central Section Director (Voting)
    Redwood High School
    1001 W. Main Street
    Visalia, CA 93291
    Phone: (559) 730-7736
    FAX: (559) 730-7741
    E-Mail: centraldirector@cafbla.org

    Tiffany Perez & Danielle Tolentino Tuason
    Gold Coast Section Interim Lead
    E-Mail: goldcoastdirector@cafbla.org

    Mr. Lee Lara
    Inland Section Director (Voting)
    Centennial High School
    31500 Grape Street, Ste. 3 - #216
    Lake Elsinore, CA 92532 
    Phone: (951) 739-5670 X3815
    FAX: (951) 739-5693
    E-Mail: inlanddirector@cafbla.org

    Ms. Joy Millam
    Southern Section Director (Voting)
    Valencia High School (Placentia)

    Ms. Nikole (Burg) McElwain
    Colusa High School
    Ms. Kerrissa Schall
    Lassen High School
    Northern Section Co-Directors (Voting)
    E-Mail: northerndirector@cafbla.org 

    Arnuv Tandon
    State President (Non-Voting)  
    c/o Mr. Graeme Logie, FBLA Adviser 
    Homestead High School
    E-Mail: president@cafbla.org