• Objective Test Guidelines

    Applicable Events 

    Accounting I
    Accounting II
    Advertising (State)*
    Business Calculations
    Business Communication
    Business Law
    Computer Problem Solving
    Cyber Security
    Health Care Administration
    Insurance & Risk Management
    Introduction to Business

    Introduction to Business Communication
    Introduction to Business Procedures
    Introduction to FBLA
    Introduction to Financial Math
    Introduction to Information Technology
    Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure (State)*
    Journalism (State)*
    Networking Concepts (State)*
    Organizational Leadership (State)*
    Personal Finance
    Political Science (Open Event at SLC)
    Securities & Investments 

    *Starts at SLC (see below for max. number per chapter)

    Number of Competitors Per Chapter, Section Conference Only:
    The number of competitors from each chapter who can enter in events stated above will be based on local chapter membership as of the official membership dues deadline dates—January 18. The maximum number of entries is as follows:

    0 – 49 members - 3 competitors
    50 – 74 members - 4 competitors
    75 – 100 members - 5 competitors
    101+ members - 6 competitors

    On the Day of the Test:
    No materials may be brought to the testing site.

    Electronic devices must be turned off and out of sight.
    No calculators may be brought into the testing site; calculators will be provided.
    Bring a writing instrument.

    Objective Events – Number of Competitors Who Advance to State:
    A minimum of the top six (6) places from each section competition in Objective Events will represent their section at the State Leadership Conference. The winners’ list from each section competition will indicate the number of places that are eligible. If stated events above have the following number of competitors complete (finish) a test at the section level, more than six (6) winners from that section will be able to compete at the state level as shown below:

    44 – 51 competitors completing a test                       7 competitors advance to state level
    52 – 60 competitors completing a test                       8 competitors advance to state level
    61 – 67 competitors completing a test                       9 competitors advance to state level
    68+ competitors completing a test                           10 competitors advance to state level
    For every event that meets this requirement, Section Directors will determine the number of eligible competitors in affected events and send the list to SLC Competitive Events Staff.

    State Leadership Conference Wild Card Entries (Objective Test Only)
    Each chapter may have five (5) students (2021 only) compete in one of the above events as “wild card” entry at the state level and only pertain to any Objective Test Event that started at the section level. (See above for list of events.) For clarification purposes, any one student may only enter one event as a “wild card.” A “wild card” event counts as one of the two active events a student may enter.

    *Objective Tests Starting at the State Leadership Conference
    The number of entries in the following objective test events is limited to three (3) per chapter. Political Science is offered at SLC as an open event and non-finalists from the prejudged project events have first claim to testing space.
    Advertising, Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure
    Journalism, Networking Concepts, Organizational Leadership