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History of California FBLA

  • History

    The FBLA concept was developed in 1937 and launched in 1940, under the sponsorship of the National Business Education Association, to unite the thousands of individual business clubs in the nation's high schools and colleges. The first chapter was chartered at Johnson City, Tennessee on February 3, 1942. Two days later, the second chapter was organized in St. Albans, West Virginia . By the end of 1942, 39 chapters had been chartered; within three years, another 38 had joined; and 80 chapters were chartered by 1946. By 1947, the first state chapter was chartered in Iowa, with Indiana and Ohio quickly following. Within three years, a total of ten state charters had been issued.

    1969 was a watershed year when articles of incorporation were signed and the association became FBLA-PBL, Inc.a non-profit student educational association with its own board of directors and full-time staff under the direction of CEO Edward Miller . Membership at this time was approximately 80,000 members in 4,500 local chapters. Dr. Miller retired as CEO of FBLA-PBL in 1997, marking a major milestone for the association. Jean Buckley was appointed at that time as the second CEO in the association's history.

    California's involvement in FBLA began in 1947, with the chartering of Fullerton Junior College. The first State Leadership Conference was held on April 29, 1950, with over 200 members in attendance. State officers were elected at this time and a constitution approved. The conference theme was "Leadership in Action."

    California FBLA will celebrate its 70th anniversary in 2020.