• Programs and Participation Projects Overview

    Member Recognition Programs

    California FBLA is pleased to offer a comprehensive program of Member Recognition programs. Local chapters are encouraged to ensure that their members are familiar with these programs and are fully participating. Application forms and instructions for each of these programs can be found on the page below or on the RESOURCES drop-down menu above.

    Business Achievement Awards – Individual. This program offers members a self-paced, activity-based leadership achievement program centered on the FBLA themes of Service, Education, and Progress. A total of four awards - Future, Business, Leader, and America - are available to members based on their personal level of activity and achievement. For a complete description, follow this link to theBusiness Achievement Awards interactive section of the national FBLA website. (Click the "Preview" link at the end of each award's description to get to the log-in screen for the interactive system.  Students students will be able to log in only after their adviser has set them up in the system.)  For details on completion, visit the national web site (www.fbla-pbl.org), log into the Advisers' Area, and check out theChapter Management Handbook section on FBLA Chapter and Member Recognition to find out more!

    Individual ProjectsCalifornia FBLA offers several individual projects for members to gain state-wide recognition after exploring areas including environmentalism, internships, financial literacy, and civic leadership. Visit the STATE PROJECTS page for project forms and instructions, and see “State Participation Projects” below for a brief description of FBLA’s projects.

    FBLA Advocate Award. This new award recognizes representatives of local, state, and national governmental groups who support FBLA.

    L. Byram Bates Memorial Scholarships. California FBLA awards several scholarships to graduating members who exemplify the ideas and mission of FBLA. The scholarship program is named in memory of Byram Bates, who during his lifetime spent 30+ years as an educator, administrator, and business manager for the state association. Check out the “Competition” tab above for more details. 

    Chapter Recognition Programs

    California FBLA is pleased to provide a comprehensive program of work and recognition for local chapters. This program helps ensure that local chapters offer a complete series of opportunities for members to fully explore business, leadership, and the FBLA program.

    Business Achievement Awards – Chapter. The primary program for recognizing local chapters is the Business Achievement Awards. California's program incorporates the national recognition program, while providing a simple means for reporting chapter activity and needs to section and state leaders on a monthly basis. Chapters earn points towards recognition for the Chapter Achievement Award, the Chapter Excellence Award, or the Outstanding Chapter Award. Download the Program of Work progress worksheet and Guidelines from the CHAPTER PLANNING/PROGRAM OF WORK page under RESOURCES above, and get your chapter started!

    Gold Seal Chapter Award of Merit. The top 15 percent of local chapters in each state are eligible for this national recognition program. California FBLA also salutes its top chapters by designating them as Gold Seal Chapters. California FBLA chapters wishing to apply for Gold Seal status must complete the BAA Chapter Program of Work progress worksheet, submit a Local Chapter Annual Business Report, and submit the final page of POW Worksheet, which cross references page numbers of the LCABR with specific Gold Seal required areas of activities.

    State Participation Projects   

    Local chapters are encouraged to incorporate as many of these state projects into their local Program of Work as possible. Visit the State Projects page for submission instructions.  In addition to providing the chapter with additional opportunities for recognition, these programs help ensure that the chapter offers its members a comprehensive, well-rounded leadership program.   Below are general descriptions of the State Projects.  For full details, visit the State Projects page.

    Projects due in December: 

    • FBLA Goes Green – Individual. As future business leaders, it is our responsibility to be environmentally conscious. By uniting California FBLA for this cause, we will dramatically decrease our carbon footprint on our world, today. Complete 50 points on the project checklist form to receive recognition.
    • Financial Literacy Project – Individual. FBLA members will become fiscally aware as they complete activities related to money management through budgeting and how to make successful monetary decisions.  

    Projects due in February:

    • Career Development Project – Individual. Investing time and energy into the new Career Development Project (replacing the former Internship Project) is an excellent way to investigate where your career path may eventually lead. 
    • Leaders in Action – Individual. This project rewards FBLA members who are active participants in their communities, building on their leadership and communication skills while fully integrating themselves into society as strong, impacting student leaders. Complete local and global community service activities to become a leader in action today! 
    • Government Awareness Project (GAP) – ChapterThe Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement Act is one of the most important pieces of Federal legislation which helps career and technical education and FBLA chapters with funding.  Chapters that keep our government officials informed about the mission and benefits of FBLA will be recognized at the state level of FBLA.
    • Professional Division Membership Project – Chapter. Chapters that recruit 10 or more professional members will receive state-wide recognition. Professional members serve as local chapter volunteers, provide training and workshops, coach members in competitive events, and assist in many other ways that make our chapters function smoothly. State chapter records will be audited to determine which chapters have met this threshold based on the number received by February 1. Link to Information on Professional Division.   Link to Professional Division online registration form.

    Projects due in March:

    • Small Business Project (Chapter). This project encourages chapters to become involved with local small businesses in their communities by providing services, promoting business initiatives, collaborating with business owners and understanding the role small businesses play in the community.
    • March of Dimes Project (Mission LIFT) – Chapter. For several decades, FBLA has been the largest youth partner of the March of Dimes, and has brought in an excess of $15,000,000. A chapter can earn credit for this project by hosting a March of Dimes event or fundraiser, or by participating in its section’s March of Dimes project.
    • Adopt-a-Chapter/High School & Middle Level – Chapter. As a chapter, assist struggling chapters and/or help to start chapters in other high and middle schools in order to receive recognition at the State Leadership Conference!

    State Communication Programs

    Best Practices Resource Packet. TheBest Practices Resource Packet, found on the CHAPTER PLANNING/PROGRAM OF WORK page under RESOURCES above, includes innovative ideas gathered from FBLA members throughout the state in areas including: fundraisers, socials, membership recruitment, business development, and community service. This will help provide new, effective activities for local chapters to implement. 

    Chapter Liaison Project. A chapter liaison project has been initiated in order to streamline communication between the local, regional, and state levels of FBLA. Through this communication program, each FBLA section officer will be assigned to 1-4 local chapters that fall within their respective regions. These section officers will be in charge of building connections with their assigned local chapters, providing advice and updates from the regional and state levels. 

    Parliamentary Procedure Workshop Series. This workshop series features three PowerPoint presentations and three outlines on the basics of parliamentary procedure, its applicability, and how exactly it can be used in local FBLA chapters. Self-learn the core of parliamentary procedure principles through these workshops, and then spread awareness about parliamentary law by presenting these workshops to your local chapters or FBLA leadership teams! Visit the CHAPTER PLANNING/PROGRAM OF WORK page under RESOURCES above in order to locate this resource.